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School Introduction

        The Discipline of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University was initially founded in 1946, which has over 72 years. With a glorious history, the school has a host of well-known scholars and professors, such as Hongpan Shao, Boyuan Hou, Songrao Hu, Changgui Ma and so on, who have served as teachers. During the past 72 years, the school has cultivated talents at all kinds of levels, covering different fields of electric engineering at home and abroad. A large number of outstanding graduates have made significant contributions to the development of Power Industry in China, represented by Dazhen Shi (the former minister of Electricity), Zhenya Liu (the former Chairman of the State Grid, currently chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, and academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences), Yusheng Xue (the academician of China Academy of Engineering), Jiancheng Fang (the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Peixi Cao (the chairman of the China Huaneng Group),and Li Qingkui (the chairman of China Southern Power Grid).

The school is granted for electrical engineering Ph. D degree and post-doctoral studies, forming a comprehensive education system including bachelor, master and Ph. D of engineering, which focuses on electrical engineering discipline as well as combining with some related disciplines, such as control engineering, computer science. The school is in possession of five complete secondary disciplines: Power System and Automation (National Key Cultivation Disciplines), Electrical Machinery and Electrical Appliances (Shandong Key Disciplines), Power Electronics and Power Drives, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Electrical Theory and New Technology. “Electrical Engineering and Automation” is the first category of special construction majors in China and specialties in Shandong Province. It is the first implementation unit of the “Excellent Engineer Training Plan”.

At present, the school has about 1,300 undergraduates, 560 full-time postgraduate students and 70 doctoral students. The school has the key

laboratory of the ministry of education " power system intelligent dispatch and control ", the national joint engineering laboratory " power grid with electric vehicle", "global energy interconnection" collaborative innovation center of Shandong, the key laboratory of Shandong province "UHV transmission and transformation technology and equipment ","electric vehicle" engineering laboratory of Shandong province, four engineering technology centers of Shandong province as" permanent magnetic motor ", "magnetic separation", "magnetic levitation bearing" and "power quality optimization design", the experimental teaching demonstration center of Shandong province "electrical and electronic experimental education". Besides, the school has established two national practice education centers with China Huadian Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.

Our faculty includes 137 full-time staffs, with 102 academic staffs, 81 doctorates, 35 professors, 60 associate professors, and 35 doctoral

supervisors. There are 5part-time academicians in the discipline, 3 IEEE Fellows, 11 overseas part-time lecture professors; 3 Thousand Talents Plan experts, 1 Chang-Jiang Scholar distinguished visiting professor, 1 Chang-Jiang Scholar professor, 3 “Tai-Shan Scholar” Distinguished Professors, 1 Thousand Talents Plan of young talents, 1 Excellent Young Teachers Program of MOE of China, 2 Hundred, thousand, million Talent Project professors, 2 New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education, 4 Provincial Young Experts with outstanding contributions, 5 Specialists with the special government allowance granted by the state council. In particular, during the past four years, the college's youth talent reserve has increased remarkably. There are 39 full-time young teachers aged 40 and below, all of whom have doctoral degrees. Among them, 5 have overseas high-level university doctoral degrees.

The discipline attaches great importance to the research of basic theory, the development of advanced technology and the transformation of its application results, and has achieved fruitful results. In recent years, it has won more than 1000national natural science foundation, "863" program and military projects. It has published 60 monographs and over 2000 papers in SCI/EI. It has won 1 national science and technology progress award, more than 70 provincial and ministerial awards; Over 500 authorized invention patents; The outstanding achievements in scientific and technological transformation has made significant contributions to national and local economic development and social progress. In May 2018, it took the lead in setting up the "global energy interconnection" innovative engineering class in China.The School established good cooperation and exchange relationship with many famous universities in the world, such as United States, Britain, France and Australia and jointly train doctoral students with them.

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